Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Learning to speak Lotus (part 1)

The word "asshole" aside, as Lotus begins to talk she is making sure we understand her. However her phrases and words are not exactly the same as the rest of the world and I wanted to do a small Lotus dictionary here.

Lotus:  I Do!
Normal people: I'll do that.

Lotus: Twinkle Little Little Star--as the title of the song
Normal people: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Lotus: Howzat?
Normal people: What is this?

Lotus: Slipperly
Normal people: Slippery

She is also learning the power of the word "Please." Today for the first time she combined it with doe eyes. Thank heaven she only wanted to watch another episode of Team Umizoomi. If she had asked for a car my response would likely have been "Foreign or domestic, sweetie?"


  1. So cute! My nephew is two and calls Dinosaurs "Ringogogosowrus" in this growly voice. We don't know why or how that came about but it's stuck and we often hear him saying it to people trying to explain something to them - and the people are going "What? Rings? You want Rings?" LOL. So cute. My sister taught him to fold his hands under his chin and make his eyes wide when he says "please" which basically means he gets everything he wants because it's so darn cute (within reason of course). Here via ICLW!

  2. a cousin's almost-three-year-old calls their china cabinet the "Hina Chutch" =)

  3. Hehe. Too cute. I can't wait til my daughter learns to talk and hearing the hilarious things she'll come up with. At the moment she's great at communicating with a point of the finger and noises that either indicate "what's that?" or "I want".