Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Booking and Cooking


So this week I read two books. One was interesting, one was great.

I'm going to talk about the great one.

Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Rating: 4 Stars
Will I reread? Probably not

I've been a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips (also known as SEP) for a long time.  Not from the first book, I actually didn't care for the first book I read of hers. Yet I was intrigued enough to try her again and I was glad I did. Some of her books I reread over and over, some I don't, but that doesn't mean I didn't like them, I just can't imagine rereading them.

That is the case with Heroes.  This is more gothic. It was obvious that this was her writerly tribute to Jane Eyre but with her own cutesy touches. The main character is a ventriloquist and her characters talk to her. The hero is someone who had a past with the heroine and may or may not have killed his sister. The setting is almost another character unto itself--an Island off the coast of Maine which is totally buried in snow. Mix these ingredients together and you have a wonderful book that will make you want to be buried under blankets while reading it.


This Sunday was my Super Bowl Experiment Day.  I experiment on different kinds of apps and finger foods.  One was good, one wasn't.

The good:

These French Onion Soup Wonton Bites.

Oh Dear Lord.

These were amazing.  I saved three to freeze but even if they don't freeze well, I know caramelized onions freeze well so I will give it a shot.  These came out AMAZING.

The bad:

This Beer Cheese Dip.

A Caveat here. I don't like beer.  (Rhyme not intended.)
Why then did I make this? Because I often love Beer-cheddar things. Beer Cheddar soup, beer cheddar fondue etc, I am THERE.  This one though--no, it wasn't to my taste.

The Keeper:
Martha Stewart's Black Beans and Sausage

While I didn't make this for Super Bowl Sunday, I made this last nigh. And a few weeks ago. And a few weeks ago. It is one of our go-to recipes.  It takes about 40 minutes and it isn't a big to do--never mind the fact that Martha Stewart's name is on it.
I HIGHLY Recommend this one for a quick dinner.

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