Monday, December 19, 2016

Microblog Monday - Bracing myself

So today the Electoral College will more than likely make Donald Trump the official President Elect.

Unlike a lot of people on my friends list, I have not been trying to fight this.

There are several reasons.

1) If the exact situation had been reversed and Trump had won the popular vote and Hillary had won the electoral college, I would say, those are the laws of the land. I would denounce and decry any meddling in the electoral college. It seems wrong.

2) It isn't like Hillary did not know about the electoral college and they took the election out of nowhere.

3) The name that constantly comes up is somehow electing John Kaisich--and the fact that he wasn't on the ballot just doesn't sit right with me.

So, I'm bracing myself.
Bracing myself to be fighting a lot.
Bracing myself to use libraries and use the money where I would have bought books to donate to causes.
Bracing myself to be nicer to people who are not nice to me.
Bracing myself to listen to people who voted for Trump. Listen to people so I understand and not listen to refute.

Bracing myself for a long four years.