Monday, January 12, 2015

Microblog Monday -- No such thing

In the often interminable wait for a child, I was often told to "just relax".

Now that I have a child, I find that my worry goes overtime.

What if she falls and bumps her head and I lose her.
What if someone shoots up her daycare?

I didn't know that the worry I felt everyday of the wait would multiply by a factor of ten once I got her.

I wouldn't change it--I just wish I knew how better to live with it.


  1. I have no good advice because we're 10 years into this and I still worry like that. It has been 10 years of non-stop worry. So I get it.

  2. I have no good advice either, I also worry about everything, stuff that may never happen.

  3. I used to worry about everything, believe it or not. Not in the total anxiety meltdown kind of way, but it was there. After realizing that the things I was worrying about weren't the things I should have been worried about... (It's not the A, B, or C scenarios, it's the X, Y, and Z)... I could have gone completely over the edge with the meltdown. I ended up going in the opposite direction. Being anxious and worried over things doesn't actually affect whether or not something bad will happen. Worrying doesn't prevent it. It doesn't cause it. So, I do my research on the issue, I plan for the inevitable, and I make my choice.