Friday, January 30, 2015


Star Trek Deep Space Nine might be my favorite part of the Star Trek Franchise. I love the characters, how they rubbed each other the wrong way, and a myriad of other little things.

One of my favorite scenes involves Odo--a fish-out-of-water alien growing up with people who are not like him.

Odo: I'll never understand the humanoid need to... 'couple.' 
Quark: You've never... coupled? 
Odo: Choose not to. Too many compromises. You want to watch the karo-net tournament; she wants to listen to music, so you compromise - you listen to music. You like Earth Jazz; she prefers Klingon Opera so you compromise - you listen to Klingon Opera. So here you were ready to have a nice night watching the karo-net match and you wind up spending an agonizing evening listening to Klingon Opera. 

I don't think it would be so funny if it weren't true.
I've been married close to nineteen years and there's been a lot of compromise--both ways. However, if I were to be honest, it does veer strongly in my direction.

Which leads us to the Super Bowl.

D was born and raised in Western PA--also known as Steeler Nation. That being said, while he enjoyed watching football it wasn't the cathedral it is to most born and raised in Western PA.  Which meant I wasn't a football widow.

I don't know how long we were married when I caught him watching some football. I should note when I say, "watching" I mean yelling at the coach and the refs as if they could somehow hear them and make the changes he wants them to.

I realized that he missed football and wanted to talk to him about it. Of course, being me, I wanted to talk to him during the game and I didn't realize how that just wasn't going to work.

Anyway after the game he kept saying that he really didn't care much about football--but he missed the Super Bowl. I compromised--and we started watching the Super Bowl. We went to a few Super Bowl parties.  When we moved out to where we live now, and we didn't want to travel too far for the Super Bowl, I decided to try new apps and dips for our next party and a tradition was born.

This left us with what we do now. I find a bunch of new apps that I want to make for Super Bowl and we try them. We have had some hits. Our Bacon wrapped Pineapple has been a hit at every party I have thrown since. We have had some misses. For reasons passing understanding the chicken-sweet potato kabobs were so awful that after two bites we threw the whole lot into the trash. In fact, every one I made that year was such a miss we wound up going to our freezer to get some frozen hot dogs in blankets.  But it keeps it interesting for me.  And D--he watches the football.

Sometimes, when the Steelers are in the Super Bowl--he cares who wins. This year he's rooting for the Seahawks because he just doesn't like Bill Bellichik.

So--Go Seahawks.

In that spirit--if you haven't seen this xkcd --see it and enjoy.
Hooray for Snacks!

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