Friday, January 9, 2015


Nothing, and I mean nothing, filled my gut with so much bile and trepidation as hearing that Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, was coming to Starz as a series. This book is in a special niche in my collection.

You see, I have over a thousand books--easily--in my house. They fill every spare inch of the house and overflow. A friend once suggested that I get rid of the books--or really trim down the collection to maybe two bookcases. After I stopped laughing I explained to him how that wasn't possible. The books are my refuge, my friends and my art.

Getting back to Outlander. Of the myriad of books I have read and will read--this book stands apart. It's in the pile of "If my house catches fire--these come with me when I run."

Is it that good? Yes. The characters, the situations, the romance. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Frasier is one of the best romantic heroes written. The writing is such that even when I am rereading it I am so caught up in the moment that I will forget the craziness of the 21st century. I have  literally jumped out of my chair when the phone rang because I was so stunned that there was a phone!

It's about a nurse from World War II going back in time to Scotland before the Battle of Culloden (1745). She meets, marries, and falls in love with Jamie Frasier--pretty much in that order. Howver she has her husband, Frank Randall who is a direct descendant from Black Jack Randall--the villain of the piece. More than that you need to read it for yourself.

I remember vividly how it was recommended to me. I was shopping in B. Dalton bookstore. I was in the romance section and a person I had never seen before handed me this book. It was a gold cover with a broken clock on it. The woman said that she had never done this before--but I had to read this book. She said that I would like it so much I too would be handing it to strangers to read. She was right. I loved it.

I was stunned then to find myself loving the series. The casting has been exquisite. Catriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have amazing chemistry as Claire and Jamie Frasier. Tobias Menzies should be clearing his mantle for an Emmy as the villain Black Jack Randall--as well as Claire's 20th Century Husband. I look forward, as this blog progresses, to discussing the weekly episodes.

As for now, if you haven't read Outlander yet, do so. Imagine yourself in the stacks of a bookstore--or library. A heavyset woman with a kind face comes over and presses a book in your hand. That's me. I am telling you that this is a book like no other--and you should read it.

Also, congratulations to the cast and crew of Outlander for winning the People's Choice award for favorite cable sci-fi/fantasy show. It was exceedingly well deserved.

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  1. Oh wow. I saw your note on your other blog and came over to wish you well, only to see this post staring back at me. Somehow, I only discovered the existence of the (BOOK!) series a few months ago and decided to see what the hype was about. I emerged six weeks later, more than a little bewildered, to see that it was not in fact the 18th century, and to discover that book nine has not yet been written. Yes, I bing read the entire series in several weeks of obsessive reading. I'm now on to the novellas and the Lord John novels (which I'll read but am dreading a bit as the only glimpses of Jamie will be of a man in dire pain). I refused to begin the tv series until I'd gotten through all the main books so as not to pollute the images I had in my head. I finally allowed myself to watch the first episode last night and do have to admit that I'm beginning to suspect that all the hype is justified, even if they don't quite match the pictures in my head...

    Outlander obsession aside, I'm thrilled to bits to read about things like you putting shoes on your daughter's head. I'm so very glad she's with you in your here and now.

    Warm wishes from Israel from Robin who no longer seems to blog...