Monday, May 4, 2015

Microblog Mondays

I have a few posts running around in my head. Posts about Mother's Day, Baltimore, and Lotus' third birthday which we just celebrated. But I'm going to wait on them, because my daughter is really mastering the art of swearing. 

As I mentioned earlier, I swear and I don't curb it in front of my child. 

One thing I note about Lotus, she really does tend to think before she speaks. When she hears a new word, or set of them, I believe she lets them roll around in her brain before using it herself.  Or maybe she wanted to crash my car. 

All I know is that I was driving her to daycare singing Trot Ol' Joe with Lotus. The song had just ended and I was waiting to hear what the next song on her internal playlist would be. When she said, 

"Holy Shit, a rainbow!!!"

I looked around and indeed saw a rainbow--and a beautiful one at that. 

Holy Shit indeed. 


  1. Too funny. At least she uses her curse words correctly. More amusing is when they completely get the usage wrong and you need to tutor them on the correct use.

  2. That's funny! Brought a smile to my face.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. I love how little kids have no filter. They say the funniest things! And no one gets mad because they are little kids.