Sunday, May 31, 2015


It's been now almost five days at my new job.

I like it so far.

I think one of the things that is really impressing me is the diversity.

Towards the end of my last job, I couldn't help but notice that my old publishing house was falling down in that regard. It wasn't so much that the new hires all looked the same--or similar--though they' did.  They were shaped the same--or similar.

I tend to notice that.

You see, I'm fat.

I am not trying to "rectify" this as it is as much a part of who I am as my eye color. I'm struggling to get in better shape while chasing a toddler, but I refuse to let the numbers of a scale equal my self worth. I tried that and I didn't enjoy it.

When I started at OPC (Other Publishing Company), in 2004, there were plenty of large people there. Plenty. Large women, large men.  All shapes, all colors, all races, all ages.

When I left--was asked to leave--okay told to leave, the people around me were white and thin and young.

In fact, the November before, we were asked to get on this program for a discount in our health insurance. Healthy Company.  For $500 off the price of our health insurance we would give the employer HR department access to our medical records and take actions that they might require.

I outright refused. What is said between my doctor and myself is between my doctor and myself. That is how Doctor-Patient privilege works. I did not want my employer knowing anything about it. Period.  I was willing to pay the $500 and my husband backed me on it, 100%.

Three months later I didn't have to worry about it because I didn't have a job.

To be honest I haven't thought much about it. but I got in touch with some of my former co-workers and I found that quite a few who were laid off the same time I was also opted out. Some were thin, one was a smoker, and two others were black. I've begun to wonder if the reason I was in that part was my refusal.

I look around at my new office.
Diverse as anything.
Bodies as well as backgrounds.
I'm wondering if that is why I feel so comfortable there.

We'll see.

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  1. Whoa... I have never heard of a company overstepping that line. It's a scary development. Unless your ability to do your job is affected by your daily health, I'm not sure why an employer (beyond overstepping that line) would need that information. Glad you've landed in a better place.