Monday, November 2, 2015

Microblog Mondays - Trust

Halloween was wonderful.

Lotus got so much candy in her candy pumpkin that she needed D to hold it for her.

She had a great time,

She got a bit miffed when we explained that she was not allowed to eat all of her candy all at once, but there was no tantrum. She's been very generous--sharing her candy and not getting upset when we help ourselves to some of the goodies. (She got Hot Tamales! I haven't even SEEN those in years!!!!)

So we're happy.

It makes me think of the Jimmy Kimmel challenge where people film themselves saying that they ate all of their kids halloween candy and watch the kids melt down. Everyone seems to think that this is funny as hell. I think that it is disgusting.

Maybe it is because Lotus is adopted and I am very conscious of building trust with her. I want her to be able to trust me when I say I will do something. I want her to trust me when I tell her not to do something. I think this is such a violation of the trust between a parent and a child.

These kids are going to watch themselves on Youtube later on. They aren't going to laugh. They are going to remember that their mom and dad violated their trust and taped that break for everyone to see.

We ask our kids to trust us, but the flip side of that is that we must be trustworthy. I remember very clearly a time when my mother broke my trust and it took a long time to get it back. I wonder how long it will be for these children to trust their parents again.


  1. I have thought that, too! Especially when you have the kids who are obviously devastated by their parent a) telling them they basically stole Halloween from them and then b) lying about it. I wonder with all these youtube videos and things put online for a ha-ha if children will be always suspicious of their parents, or if they will realize that their parents made every bit of their childhood public. And I love "the flip side of that is that we must be trustworthy." It's true, but social media and internet-y things make it so easy to forget that the internet is written in pen (I stole that from my middle school's guidance department).

    I'm glad Lotus had a good Halloween, and I'm jealous of her Hot Tamales!

  2. 1000%. I do eat the candy, but I ask first and then take. They also ended up donating the majority of their candy because they have a big candy drive at school. And very few kids bring their candy. I love Hot Tamales. Anything cinnamon-flavoured.

  3. I saw the Jimmy Kimmel thing for the first time yesterday online. I was pretty horrified. I mean, what's funny about making little kids cry by lying to them? (Can you tell that I've never liked practical jokes that upset their victims?) It's different maybe if they're older, and understand the concept of a "joke," but most of the kids in those videos were really young.