Monday, October 26, 2015

Microblog Mondays Car Talk

My car is not starting.

Like once a week.

Like the guy on the phone at AAA says "Oh wait, I think I remember you... Again?"

So we will likely be looking for another car.

We have never bought a car.

My father in law treats a car as if it is a child. He drives them for a bit and then gives them to us. Right now, he can't as he likes his car and isn't ready to get rid of it.

So we're looking at what kind of cars would be good. Used cars.

Anyone have "We love our Make/Model stories?" Or, even better "We would never buy this Make/Model!"



  1. Get the Consumer Reports car book. It will give you a good guide to features, prices and reliability. Also look at Kelly Blue Book (particularly if you're looking at a used car) so you know the price range.

    If you can hold off until February, go to one of the local car shows and butt-test your top dozen or so cars. Trust me - it's an important step that will save you the time of arranging a test drive for disappointing cars - or cars which you don't even fit in properly. True story - the first time I was car shopping (1995), I went to the Philadelphia Car Show and butt-tested several cars, including the Misubishi Elantra which was high on my list. Until I sat down and - even though I'm long-legged rather than long-torsoed - my eyes were above the top of the windshield. Needless to say, it was dropped from my list.

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  3. When you are ready for a mini-van, Honda Odyssey.

  4. Make sure both of you can get the driver's seat where you want and be comfortable to drive, plus make sure the seatbelts are long enough.

    As far as your car not starting, have you gotten your mechanic to check out the starter, battery, etc.

  5. I never thought I would like a Mazda, but another blogger told me about Mazdas, and I now love them. 6 seats BUT parks like a sedan because it's the size of a sedan.