Saturday, October 24, 2015

The hairs of my chinny chin chin

Growing older  is not fun.

Parenting a small child while in your early forties is an adventure.

Lotus has entered the "but why" phase of toddlerhood. Everything is met with the phrase "but why?"

She has also decided that my chin has endless fascination for her.

This isn't new. From when we met her, when I would rock her or hold her on my lap I would notice a little hand groping my chin and holding on.
I thought "Awwwww, how cute." Then I really didn't think of it.

Lately, however, Lotus has been saying "I want to touch your chin." whenever she is upset, or feeling insecure. She just started preschool and is 90% through with potty training (WHY can't she poop on the potty?? WHY???) So she's feeling insecure...enough.

I should note here, that as I am in my early forties, my body is moving quickly towards menopause. That includes, hmmm how to put this, more hair on my chin.

I have the "little mustache" that my grandmother had. I have hairs coming through on my chin. I pluck and they return. I wax sometimes, and I ignore it other times.

One day though I was plucking hairs on my chin and Lotus saw me and was horrified. WHY was I doing that.

"Mommy has hairs on her chin and she doesn't like them."

"I like them." was her response. I shrugged and continued to pluck. She started to cry.

She grabbed my chin and started to rub. "It's so pretty. Don't"

I stopped.

Whatever my chin hairs mean to me, to her they mean comfort. So for right now, I'm keeping most of the hairs on my chinny chin chin.

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