Thursday, September 17, 2015

Things I want to work on for next season

Sorry about the blog hiatus.

Back to school + needy child + Back to school teacher hubby + High Holy Days = blog hiatus.

Anyway I'm back.

I don't do new year's resolutions.  Or at least, not on January first.

I do them around this time of year. The High Holidays.

I'm a submarine jew and this is one of the times I surface.

I spent Monday in temple. I spent Tuesday in thought and quiet prayer. And playing with the child I prayed so long for.

What do I want to change next year?

Well, with my career...

  • I don't know where my career is and where it is going. I want to change that. I have a contract position, but I don't know what happens when it ends. 
  • I want to blog more. 
  • I want to finish the last revision (I swear it--until I get an editor anyway) and send my novel to an agent. 

With my friends...

  • I want to start seeing friends instead of texting them and messaging them where practicable. In this past year I met a lot of people I only "knew" online. I enjoyed it. I want to keep doing this. 
  • Barring that I will use my cell phone the way Jobs intended--as a freaking phone where I can hear a friend's voice, and not just imagine it via text.  
  • I will also go out of my way to start meeting some of the parents of the children I hear my daughter mention often. Okay maybe not the one who tried to push her down the slide, but the one she plays with every day. 

With my family...

  • I will try to remember how damn lucky I am to have the family that I have. 
  • I will try to be more patient with my daughter. That doesn't mean giving in to her every desire, but allowing her to bitch and moan when I don't. 
  • I will find a babysitter (two hopefully) that I trust as much as I trust the daycare teachers. D and I need to get out alone now and again. 
With myself...
  • I will listen to the doctors regarding my blood sugar and getting it down. 
  • I will have a mammogram in the next month. 
  • I will try to exercise more--maybe playing tag or ball with my daughter more. 
  • I will learn to ask for help--ideally before I break down screaming that no one will help me. 

To all--I wish peace, love, health and joy in the coming year.  

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