Sunday, September 20, 2015

Microblog Mondays--Holding out for a hero

I need a hero!
I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night...
He's gotta be sure, and he's gotta be soon and he's gotta be larger than life.
--Jim Steinman

My husband loves the Lord of the Rings books but doesn't like the movies as much.  Often he will say that it is because he wants the characters to be more mythic--like the books. Less flawed. He says that there isn't enough of that anymore.

He went on to say that TV comedies were too dramatic.  I agree.  We have been watching Cheers on Amazon Prime and I am laughing so hard my sides hurt. I don't recall the last time that happened when I was watching TV now. Dramas--have never been better. Comedies--even Big Bang Theory which I like isn't funny anymore.

Then he went on to the fact that we used to really look up to the people who led the country. We used to want our children to be like them. Is there one person in the current race for president (either side) that we want to tell our daughter to emulate?

I've been thinking of that since we discussed it.

Do we have heroes anymore? I don't mean Marvel superheroes I mean real people.

Who are your heroes?  I mean my mom was my hero but that's only been since I was an adult.  When I was younger I looked up to Judy Blume (I still do) and Sandra Day O'Connor.

I looked up to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Bill Cosby too. I am repulsed by this now.

I greatly admire President Obama and his wife. J. K. Rowling is my hero.

Who are your heroes?  Why?


  1. My heros are the those tireless folks who work on behalf of the marginalized, the lost, the forgotten--those folks who extend humanity to those caught in the clutches of an inhumane world / systems.

  2. I had a lot of teachers who were heroes. Currently my neighbour is my hero because she just saved me from a cricket. But in terms of famous people I want my kids to emulate? Steve Wozniak, JK Rowling, people who create things I respect and enjoy.

  3. I never had heroes. I also like the fact that comedies are darker now - and that dramas mix in more comedy. I've always acknowledged the cloud's silver lining, but I'm also the one pointing out that the silver lining has a giant cloud above it.

    Life is to complex to divide into good/bad, hero/villain, comedy/drama. And it would be *unbearably* dull if we could.