Monday, September 28, 2015

Microblog Mondays--Valuables

The Governor: (dismissively) Paper.
Cervantes: Manuscript
The Governor: Valuable?
Cervantes: Only to me.

-- Man of La Mancha

I went to my dad's house this weekend. He's looking at apartments and I went with him.

I wanted to take my mom's recipe file home with me. Then I couldn't find it.

Dad had hired a clean-out company to help him get a lot of stuff out. We had estate sales.  But we couldn't find some stuff afterwards--we know it is in the house somewhere but we don't know where. I freaked out about this the last time, but I had calmed down.

My mom's recipe file? That practically broke me.

These are the foods that she made her corrections to. The recipes she'd charmed from restaurants when she traveled--in her own handwriting. I called my sister to see if maybe she had taken it. She said no, got upset and then said that no one would have stolen it. They couldn't read mom's handwriting.  It made me feel slightly better--but not much.

We found it, well my husband did.  I hugged that file to me the way I couldn't hug my mother. To others it was worthless, for me--it was priceless.

Do you have any objects that are "worthless?"


  1. My stomach was in knots reading this. I am so relieved that you found it. That is irreplaceable.

  2. I have a Christmas ornament that my mom helped me sow when I was a kid for my grand-daddy. When he died, we were allowed to take one item out the house to take and keep forever. I believe that I will always have this, and hope to explain it to my kids one day when putting up the Christmas tree.

  3. Oh! Glad you found it. things like that cannot be replaced.

  4. I'm so happy for you that you found it. That sounds like it's irreplaceable.

  5. Oh, I would have been so upset to lose something like that. Thank goodness you found it!

  6. so glad you found it! your post made me think of what objects belonging to my parents i would never want to see disappear.. this is not something i thought about previously!