Monday, August 29, 2016

Microblog Mondays - her pain and my pain

So today we brought Lotus to the doctor for her four year old well visit.

She's on target physically and developmentally.

She needed shots, but as she is fighting a cold the Dr. said we'd wait on those.

But she needed bloodwork done and we went to the lab to do it. The tech was as lovely as can be. However Lotus wasn't buying it. She started to cry once the tie went around her arm. "I don't want you to do this! I don't want this!" My eyes started to tear up even as I had to hold her down. Afterwards she stopped crying and even gave the tech a high-five.

My mind went back to when we first brought her home and took her to the international adoption specialist. It took three people to hold my baby down and one to do the test. I was in tears as I listened to her screaming. When the Dr. handed her to me afterwards she stopped in seconds. The doctor looked at me. "Good bonding," she said. It was true.

I think of all the health stuff we've been through since. How her pain is my pain--good bonding indeed.

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  1. Oh, it hurts the heart so much when you need to put them through something like that. But it's sweet that she calmed so quickly afterward knowing you were there and it was over.