Monday, August 1, 2016

Microblog Mondays - Mammogram

Today I had a mammogram.

I had been having pain in my left breast, and the doctor, after ruling out heart stuff sent me to get a mammogram.

I hate getting mammograms. I really do. My mom had breast cancer, beat it, and died of uterine cancer but I remember that horrible year very much.

I also have large breasts that don't like being squished.

But I have a girl who would be devastated if something happened to me so I went. I am fortunate, they have a radiologist there who will tell me what they see.

Nothing. Scan came back clear.




  1. Glad to hear your scan was clear. I know the feeling: I watched my mum die of breast cancer when I was 18.
    Wishing you and your girl well

  2. Ah, I work with many women with both cancers, helping them to maintain their sensual aliveness through treatment.

    I hear your lament often and recite it myself when it's my turn for a mammogram.

    The squish is the worst part!

  3. Huge exhale. I was holding my breath as I started to read this post.

    I'm due for a mammogram, and I hate them, too. Both the discomfort and the fear that they'll find something.

  4. Glad to read that all is well!