Monday, February 1, 2016

Microblog Mondays- Dear Aya

A co-worker is about to make the monumental trip to China to adopt a long awaited, longed-for child. Coincidentally, she is going to the SWI where Lotus was.  I have been writing and rewriting this letter for her to take.

Dear dear Aya.
That is the name that my daughter, (our child) called when she was scared in the first weeks she was with us. I hope it is all right that I call you that.

The little light you nurtured for a year is now looking squarely at her fourth birthday. She is bright, inquisitive, and affectionate.  She is a very wordy child---which means is that she tries to use her words and tries to process by speech what she is thinking and feeling.

A few days ago we were looking at her storybook (a book we put together with the pictures you gave us) and she saw a picture of you.  She stared at it for a while. and I asked her what she remembered.

"She smelled good." Our daughter said. "She was warm."

I knew she was loved.
I knew you loved her.

She is loved now--oh so very much. She lights our life with her smile. She makes us laugh with her belly laughs and her hugs are the best endings to long days.

I realize that I have not thanked you enough for giving her a safe place. I know you were firm, but you were affectionate. You paid attention to her--possibly at the expense of other children. I wonder if you were the one who nursed her from your body, and if you were I thank you for that.

I don't know your name--I only know you as her Aya--but I thank Gd for you every night.  I hope you have joy, comfort, and peace.  I'm sending pictures of our girl to you with this letter.  Please know that we will do everything for her, and someday we will bring her back to China to visit so you can see her.



  1. This made me cry. I'm sure it will touch her heart, too. You found the perfect words.

  2. This made me cry too. Beautiful!!!