Monday, February 15, 2016

Microblog Mondays--Stop it!

A Supreme Court Justice has died.

It now is the responsibility of President Obama to find another and nominate him or her.

It is now the responsibility of the Senate to confirm or not the nominee.  If they don't do their jobs they should be voted out.

I try not to call people out on their Facebook feed and blogs but anything I see that says that President Obama should wait--I will call you out. This is his job.  You want to "wait until the people have spoken?" They did. In 2012.

I will call you out.  I will not be silent because it is too important for partisan stupidity.  I respect your right to your opinions, but you are lying through your teeth if you say that you would say the same thing if a Republican was president in his last term and a liberal Justice passed away.

So just stop it.


  1. I've actually had to stop following the news too closely with all this - it is super frustrating.

  2. It feels like our country is currently running on hate. Like the fuel that is moving the system is hate. I can't believe what public leaders are saying on record. Why are these people in office if they've publicly announced that they won't do their job?

  3. I think this has happened before although I'm too lazy to look it up. I don't understand the point of waiting just because he's a lame duck President though. It's like they expect an outgoing President to not do their job.