Monday, June 12, 2017

Microblog Mondays - F**k Cancer.

Today I walked my daughter into daycare. Her favorite teacher (Miss S) was sitting with her head wrapped in a kerchief. It was a new look for her and I thought it might be religiously based.

No, she has cancer.

She started at the daycare a few weeks after Lotus did. At 18 Months, Lotus would see her and roll over to her as fast as she could. (She didn't crawl well until after she learned to walk--whatever.) Lately Lotus has wondered if Miss S. had been mad at her. I told her no she probably had other stuff on her mind.

Did she ever.

Cancer took my mom from me. Not the lung cancer that I feared as a child since my mom smoked two packs a day until I was around 10. Not the breast cancer that I thought would claim her when they found a malignant lump due to her due diligence with self-exams. Cervical/Uterine cancer. I put the slash in since by the time they discovered it it was stage 4 and no one was sure where it started.

I told Miss S. about an organization that was so helpful to me and to my mom.  They are called Imerman's Angels You contact them and they will provide you with a mentor. They will provide your caregiver with a mentor so you can talk to people who have been where you are. My mom's mentor was Carrie and she had been through what mom had and mom talked to her for hours. When mom passed, Carrie sent us a card that was so lovely.

For those in your life who might be dealing with this hellish disease, point them here. And if you need a place to donate money--same goes.


  1. Oh this is so sad. My best friend's Mum just got diagnosed with secondary bone cancer at 87... they don't know where the primary is. My Dad passed 19 years ago with Leukemia, and it was a horrible, slow death. All types of cancer are so horrible. I'm so glad we're making good in-roads into treatments, but so distressed when I hear of people suffering. I hope Miss S finds her way out the other side. So sorry about your Mum, that sounds devastating. x

  2. I am so sorry about her teacher. Sending her good thoughts. And thank you for telling me about this organization. I didn't know it existed.

  3. Cancer took my mum too, at age 39 - it's always been hanging over my life. Awful.