Monday, June 5, 2017

Microblog Monday- What I'm reading--or not

I have been reading a lot lately.
I haven't been reading at all lately.

I've been listening.
I've been listening to audiobooks.

I've been enjoying them lately to the exclusion of regular books.

I generally listen to books that I've read before, as the audio gives me a new and different take on them,

The Martian by Andy Weir is unique in that is is the only book that is better on audio than it was as I read it--and I loved turning every page.

The Harry Potter series read by Jim Dale gives a whole new light to the series that I didn't expect.
If I liked the Nora Roberts book, I generally enjoy the Nora Roberts audiobook.

I enjoy listening to Stephen King's books, I didn't expect it. That being said, after listening to IT sleep wasn't an easy thing.

What books do you listen to?


  1. I have to confess, I've not listened to any books on audio for over 2 decades! Back then, it was on cassette. I really must get into it... I have a feeling a whole new world awaits!!

  2. Funny I should read this today (Tuesday) - last night, at my monthly writing group, we had a big discussion about audio books, and I planned to poke around Audible today. :)

  3. None. Sniff. I'm hard of hearing, so listening to books is difficult. Podcasts are hard, too, but they're much shorter and generally have a lot of breaks that make them easier to get through. I would love to hear Sherlock Holmes read by Benedict Cumberbatch. I have no clue if he has recorded those books to go along with the series, but if he hasn't, he should.

  4. The only audiobooks I listen to are Librivox readings of books I've read multiple times. I tend to zone out a bit, so familiar books are good when I need "company"

  5. Hmm...I should sign up for Hoopla because the library probably has Little House on audio.