Monday, October 31, 2016

Anxiety - Microblog monday

I have something to say. 

My anxiety level is huge. Off the charts. The election. 

I found a growth on Lotus' ankle. I had a sleepless night thinking that it was more than it was. It's a Ganglion cyst. But I didn't know that and was terrified. 

I am so anxious and worrying worrying worrying. I'm having mood swings and I am not okay. I am frightened and as much as I tell myself not to be, and to stop worrying--I am having such trouble doing it. 

I'm posting this to ask how others are dealing with stuff and to get advice on how they stop the worrying.


  1. Ugh. No advice. I have horrible anxiety. But I have thought about seeing a therapist. And I don't want to be on anything while I'm nursing, but I've heard so many say meds work wonders. Just in the short term, but some need it longer. But I think a therapist would be great for me to talk with and get some ideas to cope. You know? Like, working through the anxiety. Hugs. Anxiety sucks.

  2. I gave myself a heart irregularity from internalizing all the anxiety. My doctor (after an EEG) told me to get my butt in a yoga class and between the physical practice of yoga (3 times a week generally) and meditation, the irregularity has disappeared and I find myself able to not take on so much worry. It is what it is. Worrying about something only harms me - it doesn't help any situation. It's taken awhile to get there, and sometimes I sense a bit of anxiety, but now find I can leave it on my yoga mat.

  3. Ugh! Anxiety is hard to deal with. I tend to get very anxious when I read the newspaper, so I limit the news that I read and I get it online. For the times when I'm anxious about something I know I have no control over, I just focus on my breathing - a few deep breaths helps me to calm down somewhat.

  4. I was recently prescribed an anti-anxiety pill, so I completely get where you're coming from. I have a friend who swears by lemon balm tea, and kava kava drops - I still haven't made it to the local health food store, but I'll be sure to shout out once I have. Sending lots of positive energy your way! *hugs*