Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blog Her

I'd heard about it.

It seemed cool.

Never got up the wherewithal to actually go before.

And it was wonderful.

I met Melissa of Stirrup Queens and got to hang out with someone who gets it--and me.

I met wonderful people who I hope will be reading this blog.

And I remembered that not only do I like to write--I am really effing good at it.

So what next?

I will be making a bunch of posts that will be me processing BlogHer.
I will finish the flash short fiction that I started at a writing lecture in BlogHer.  I got so into writing it that I left the lecture and then worked on it some more.  It will be done by Friday.
I will register my blog with BlogHer and start reading some of the lives of the people that I met.

But now, I will play most of the day with my daughter as she missed me. I will spend time with my husband as I think he missed me too.

Looking forward to it.


  1. I always want to spend time with you. Love you

  2. I am so so so glad you went. And that I got to hang out with you. And that we found my ring :-) Really, the only thing I'd change is that they would have had tea on the table.