Monday, July 11, 2016

Original Cast -- Microblog Monday

Unless you pay no attention to your trending lists, you know that Lin-Manuel Miranda has left his titular role as Hamilton.

This surprises me not at all, as he has a lot of plates juggling and he is incredibly talented. I recall he left In The Heights after around the same amount of time. I did not see In The Heights in the beginning of its run, but I did see it with Lin-Manuel Miranda who had returned to the role of Usnavi later in the production, just as he says he will return to Hamilton. I trust that he will keep his word.

I saw Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal in Rent. Not the original cast, but when they returned again later in the run.  It was brilliant, however, I have to say that the person I saw playing Roger (Adam Pascal's role) later in the run gave the role an extra sparkle. He was the best Roger I have seen.

There is something magical about seeing an Original Broadway Cast. No question. I'd like to say though, for all the whining that I'm seeing that people haven't seen the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton--I'd like to say. If you have tickets for later performances--I'll gladly take them off your hands.

I believe that Lin-Manuel Miranda will come back to Hamilton, he's said as much. What I also believe is that he would not leave his precious creation in the hands of people who can't act the $*@& out of the role.

Moving along to Shuffle Along--they made the decision--crazy decision--to close when Audra MacDonald leaves one of the leading roles.  Audra MacDonald is good--amazing even, but why close a successful show when the actress' replacement has already been named.  I'm sorry I won't get to see this amazing show.

But I'm looking forward to seeing Hamilton--in a few years.

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  1. I rarely feel strongly about a cast, and in this case, I actually want to see it without the original cast.

    The show I missed and wanted to see was Spring Awakening with Deaf West. Luckily they're touring the show this year so I'll see it then. But, again, it's the writing and the music and the blocking. I couldn't name anyone in the cast, and I'm okay seeing it with any actors they put in place.