Thursday, January 6, 2022

Well--I am back


The last time I wrote a word on this was 2018. 


So, What's been going on? 

New Job. 

I work in publishing. I work with audiobooks.  After a longer than should be adjustment time, I am starting to feel competent at my job. I like my boss and my coworkers. 


Oh yeah-- is there still a Pandemic? 

Fuck yes. I work from home now. And I shepherded my beautiful daughter through remote learning. And oh yeah--we're remote learning.  But my teacher husband is expected to go in and work with the high school kids.  

It sucks. 


I like 9 years old. 


I still love him. He loves me. But the pandemic was not good for our marriage. We're working it out. 


And We're working out. We started Zoom.  I've so far lost 15 lbs. So has my husband. Yeah he started a month ago and I've been on since October. But that is men and women's different body chemistry. Does that bother me. Oh you bet your ASS!

Well I'm dusting off the furniture of this blog. Maybe I will post a lot. Maybe a little.  But. I'm back. 


  1. Hi! Long time pandemic no see! I'm glad you're still kicking it, and I can well imagine how everything sucks - I hope the good still outweighs the bad!

    1. That absolutely did not work - was supposed to have my google account so you know who "unknown" is. Hi, it's marybeth!

    2. Regardless--it is wonderful to "see"you too!