Thursday, March 3, 2022

Teachers on the brink

 It's kinda amazing. 

People are wondering why is there a teacher shortage? 

Why are over 50% of current teachers considering leaving the profession? 


Maybe because they get no respect. Parents who tell their kids that "those who can't do--teach" somehow expect that these kids will respect the teachers? 


But since the pandemic it has been hell. 

People are blaming the teachers for everything. 

"Why isn't teaching an essential job? Why aren't the kids in schools? I don't want my kid to wear a mask! HOW DARE YOU MAKE MY KID WEAR A MASK!!!"

--That entitled shout?  Has now become-- I want my child to eat peanut butter and I don't care if someone else's child DIES!!!!! HOW DARE YOU NOT ALLOW MY KID TO EAT PEANUT BUTTER!

I WANT MY KID TO BE ABLE TO CARRY A GUN TO SCHOOL! (I haven't really heard about this--but it wouldn't surprise me.)

The parents are worse than the kids. 

Schools should remain open. OPEN I tell you-- no matter what! I don't care if there's a bomb threat. 

 Then there are those who are markedly kind.  "My kid had a rough time during the pandemic."

Guess what--so did your kid's teacher.

Your kid's teacher thinks about them all the time.  Am I good enough to teach them? Why aren't I getting through to them?  What's going on at home? Is someone hurting them? Am I doing something wrong? 

Teachers are suffering. 

And when a teacher suffers so does their family. Because we want to help. 

And the teachers--they want to teach. They missed your kids. 

What they don't miss is all the bullshit. And they are leaving. 

My sweet husband is an exceptional teacher--and he's considered leaving the profession. A Profession that he was born to do--and he's just so fricking good at. 

Congrats--people have made a passion driven job so hellish that people just can't deal. 

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